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original music

by riddo.



produced by/featuring riddo.



i worked with riddo. for the first song I ever released publicly, Ghost, and an EP after that. He is such a talented musician, giving so much life and colour to songs I wrote on just an acoustic guitar. He is passionate, driven, and creative not only in music, but in business and visual art. I am excited to see him grow even more.



riddo. was really easy and professional to work with overall. He really knows his shit when it comes to producing and rapping, and it’s amazing how creative he can get with his work! We collaborated on our track “Bury” without ever meeting in person up til after the year of release and it’s cool how we were able to create a masterpiece despite living thousands of miles apart.

Tin Tin Adobo

Working with riddo. is like working with a creative prophet who can hear your vision without you having to explain it. He truly has an intricate taste in sound where you can hear the years of his experience come off in the quality of his work. REEDO!!